Nigerian citizens need a visa to visit Mexico and in this post, I’ll detail the Mexican visa requirements and application process. This information has been put together through a combination of online research on the Mexican Embassy’s website in Nigeria and other countries and Mark’s and my personal experiences at Immigration in Mexico City.

If you’re applying for a visa for the first time, be sure to read my guide, detailing general rules about visa applications and my suggestions on foolproof ways to build a strong travel history.

PS: I encourage you to check the Mexican Embassy’s website for updated information about the visa application process. All information presented in this post is correct at the time of this writing. They are subject to change without notice. Always confirm travel details and requirements with respective embassies and airlines before you apply for travel.

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Before I got into more details about the Mexican visa requirements and application process, I should let you know that there are exemptions to applying for this visa.

Exemptions for Mexican Visa Application for Nigerian Citizens

Nigerian passport holders who have valid and open visas to the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and the Schengen States can visit Mexico without applying for a visa. Technically. I say “technically” because I know of a Nigerian who was denied entry after travelling with a Schengen visa.

Mark asked the Immigration Officer in Mexico City about this and he said to visit Mexico City with a Schengen visa, the visa must have been used in the issuing Schengen state first.

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I haven’t seen this rule stated anywhere and at the time of this writing, it is also not stated as a condition for entry on the Mexican Embassy’s website (in Nigeria). I don’t know if this applies to only Nigerians and if the same rule applies to other visas (i.e. UK, Japan and Canada).

It may be worth your while to call the embassy ahead of your travel date to confirm the latest entry requirements. I was able to travel to Mexico with a US visa without issues.

Mexican Visa Requirements for Nigerian Passport Holders

The documents needed for your visa application include, but are not limited to the following below:

  • Duly signed visa application form (to be submitted in person)
  • A valid passport and its copy with a minimum of two free leaflets and six months validity
  • Original letter of invitation (if applicable)
  • Recently taken 1 passport-size photo (45mm × 45mm), not older than 3 months and on white background
  • Photocopy of your international passport bio-data page
  • Certified bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Payslips or pension allowances showing a monthly income greater than $670 (excluding taxes)*
  • Proof of stable employment for the last year or
  • Investment documents or bank accounts in the name of the applicant with a minimum monthly average balance equivalent to $2,000.00 USD during the last 3 months, or
  • Real estate property deed registered in the name of the applicant with at least 2 years (minimum) ownership and proof of stable employment for the last 2 years.
  • Birth certificates for minors and a consent letter from both parents or respective documents parental status

*PS: I’ve seen some of these requirements vary slightly on the embassy’s website in other countries. For example; instead of a minimum monthly income of $670, it is $800. I would generally advise tending towards the upper limit of these amounts to improve your chances of getting the visa.

Other Mexican Tourist Visa Requirements…

The following documents are not explicitly stated as must-haves on the Mexican Embassy’s website, however, I believe that they might help to strengthen your application:

  • Return flight reservation (Note: you should only pay for your flights AFTER you have received your visa)
  • Hotel reservation if applicable
  • A tax certificate, work ID card
  • Introduction letter from your employer, employment letter and promotion letters.

Depending on your visa type, additional documents may be requested. See the Mexican Embassy’s website for more information.

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Mexico Visa Appointment in Nigeria – Mexitel

Once you have the complete documents required, you would need to register and request an appointment through the MEXITEL appointment scheduling system. After booking, you will receive a confirmation letter that you must take along with you to the visa interview, along with your other documentation.

An update from the Mexico Embassy’s Twitter Account

Mexican Visa Requirements FAQ

To conclude this post, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Mexican visa requirements for Nigerian citizens:

Does Mexico have an embassy in Nigeria?

Yes. The embassy is located at 2409, Deng Xiaoping Street, Asokoro District, Abuja.
Email: [email protected]. The schedule for visa applications is from Monday to Wednesday from 9 am to 12:30 pm.

Do Nigerians need a visa to enter Mexico?

Yes, Nigerian passport holders require a visa. There are exemptions to applying for this visa. Travellers who have valid PR to and visas to the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Northern Ireland, and the Schengen States can visit Mexico without applying for a visa. See the section above for more information.

How much is the visa from Nigeria to Mexico?

The visa costs the equivalent of $48 dollars (paid in Naira) directly into the Embassy’s account.

How long does it take to get a Mexico visa in Nigeria?

Ideally, if there are no issues with your application and no disruption to the embassy’s services, the embassy issues visas to applicants on the same day as the interview.

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I hope you find this guide useful. Please share your Mexican visa experience with me or ask any questions you might have in the comment section.

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  1. Hello Amarachi, I love your blog a whole lot. It contains so many useful information. Keep it up.

    Regarding travelling to Mexico as a Nigerian with a valid US visa, The rule states that you must have entered the US at least once with that visa before travelling to Mexico with it. I would like to know if your case was different when you travelled there but for the person who was denied on a schengen Visa, i don’t want to believe that rule is only peculiar to Nigerians.

    • Thanks Emma. Regarding the US visa rule to enter Mexico, it was the same for me. I had used the visa in the US before and was also flying into Mexico from the US. I believe for the person who has denied, they hadn’t entered the Schengen area first with that visa. I think the rule applies to everyone (who falls into this same category)

  2. I am Nigeria citizen with UK Visa, traveling to UK first before visiting Mexico, is it possible

    • The Mexican Embassy’s website still says that you can but several people have reported being denied entry into Mexico using a UK visa. See the comments in this post for more information.

  3. Omorodion osa

    Can Nigeria citizen travel to Mexico with UK Visa

  4. Is mexico still accepting visa applications from Nigeria? i went to the appointment scheduling site and it says no consulate found when i chose Abuja

    • According to the information I can see on their Twitter page, they are. Maybe there are no more available slots for this month.