2022: The Year in Review

I am pleased to write the 7th edition of my blog’s 2022 year in review. Every year since 2016, I have written a month-by-month recap of all the adventures I’ve had. As usual, it brings me great joy to look […]

We Summited Africa’s Second Highest Mountain!

There are many words to describe how I feel writing this article, but the overwhelming feeling is pride. Over four days, Mark and I hiked through the Mount Kenya range and reached the summit of Point Lenana (4985m) – the […]

101 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Travelling to and around the African continent is a dream many travel enthusiasts have. From stunning beaches with perfect year-round weather conditions to incredible landscapes and wildlife, the continent, with its 54 countries, has so much to offer to every […]

Picnics & Champagne in Champagne Ridge

In full disclosure, despite the title of this article, we did not have champagne in Champagne Ridge. We did have some wine – which I will now refer to onwards as ‘champagne’ because I can. It is only proper that […]

An Amazing Road Trip Across Kenya

With the office shut down for the holidays and Amarachi travelling for work, I loaded the car with camping and hiking equipment and set off on a 2,000 km Kenya road trip. I was accompanied for most of the trip […]

kakum national park

Nigeria to Ghana Road Trip: A Review of Services

By Amarachi x 14 Comments

I’m wrapping up our Nigeria – Ghana series with a review of all the services we used during our trip. We spent our time between Grand Popo, Accra and Cape Coast. I wrote about them in the first part of […]

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ghana cost to visit

Travel Costs & Trip Breakdown: Nigeria to Ghana Road Trip

By Amarachi x 122 Comments

Over Easter, my sister and I embarked on a Nigeria Ghana road trip from Lagos to Accra via Grand Popo and Lome. We spent 2 days in Grand Popo, Benin, half a day in Lome, Togo and a total of […]

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capecoast castle

Road Trippin’ from Lagos to Ghana – III

By Amarachi x 22 Comments

Our final stop on our Lagos to Ghana road trip was Cape Coast, Ghana. The first was Grand Popo, where we spent the first two days of the tour and the next was Ghana’s capital city, Accra. Lagos to Ghana […]

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Road Trippin’ from Lagos to Ghana – II

By Amarachi x 23 Comments

Our second stop on our Lagos Accra road trip was Accra, Ghana. Our first stop during this tour was Grand Popo in the Benin Republic and we had such an amazing time. I wrote all about it here. After spending […]

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benin republic

Road Trippin’ from Lagos to Ghana – I

By Amarachi x 39 Comments

I went cross-country road-tripping again! This time, I got to travel from Lagos to Accra, Ghana by road with my sister! With the public holiday just around the corner, we had a bit more time so we decided to split […]

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Kenya Travel with a Pen

Nigeria to Kenya – Travel Costs and Trip Breakdown

How much would it cost for a week-long trip from Nigeria to Kenya? In this post, I will be highlighting […]

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Cost to go to Seychelles breakdown

Can You Visit Seychelles on a Budget?

The Seychelles Islands are a notoriously expensive destination to visit. I remember being taken aback by the sheer cost of […]

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South Korea Trip Cost

Travel Costs Breakdown – South Korea Trip

How much should a South Korea trip cost you? In this post, I’ll be writing about the costs needed to […]

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