101 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Travelling to and around the African continent is a dream many travel enthusiasts have. From stunning beaches with perfect year-round weather conditions to incredible landscapes and wildlife, the continent, with its 54 countries, has so much to offer to every […]

Picnics & Champagne in Champagne Ridge

In full disclosure, despite the title of this article, we did not have champagne in Champagne Ridge. We did have some wine – which I will now refer to onwards as ‘champagne’ because I can. It is only proper that […]

An Amazing Road Trip Across Kenya

With the office shut down for the holidays and Amarachi travelling for work, I loaded the car with camping and hiking equipment and set off on a 2,000 km Kenya road trip. I was accompanied for most of the trip […]

2021: The Year in Review

It’s the end of the year 2021 and once again, I am pleased to write the 6th edition of my blog’s year in review. Since 2016, I have written a yearly summary of my adventures on this blog. Each year-end, […]

A Weekend at Amboseli National Park

The sound from a single hot air balloon floating across the sky, several kilometres away, breaks the stillness of our first morning at the Amboseli Bush Camp. To my east, I see the sun begin to peek through the clouds, […]

The JJC’s Guide to an Awesome Road trip

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I love road trips! At least, I love them more than taking a plane. The only turn off for me when traveling in a car or bus is that I sometimes get sick – really sick. I have since found […]

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Super Touristy Things I did in India

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Before I travel, I like to look for the most ‘touristy’ thing to do in the places I visit – just for the fun of it. I actually have a growing list of such things. For example, In Pisa, I […]

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Swimming with Penguins at Boulders Beach

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If you’ve ever spent endless nights dreaming, dreaming about what it would be like swimming with penguins (yes, I know some of you are weird like that!), Boulders Beach is your dream come true. This beach is home to the […]

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A (faux) visit to the Okomu National Park

By Amarachi x 2 Comments

Over the past weekend, I attempted to visit the Okomu National Park in Benin. After a few failed attempts at locating the place, my friend and I were able to get a driver to lead us to the right place. […]

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5 Daytrips to Make from Lagos, Nigeria

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Lagos can be hectic! Sometimes, all you need to clear your head and get yourself together again is a change of environment. Day trips provide an excellent avenue for that. Whether you live in Lagos or you’re just visiting, here are […]

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Cost to go to Seychelles breakdown

Travel Cost Breakdown – Nigeria and Kenya to Seychelles

How much does it cost to go to Seychelles? In this post, I’ll be writing about the costs needed to […]

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Castle Forest Lodge

Camping & Hiking at Castle Forest Lodge

We set out from Nairobi at about 7:30 am for a trip to Castle Forest Lodge, where we would spend […]

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FAQ: Everything you Need to Know About Travelling to Turkey

Are you thinking about travelling to Turkey? Before you start to second guess yourself (if you are, that is), I […]

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