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Valentine’s day is exactly 3 weeks away! How exciting! Yes, I know, ‘Every day should be Valentine’s’ and ‘You don’t need one special day to celebrate love’. I know, okay? But can we just pretend that we are excited? That we just can’t wait to plan an amazing experience for the ones we love or dole out the most wonderful Valentine’s Day Gifts? Was that a ‘yes?’ Cool!

If somehow, reading my first statements increased your anxiety because you haven’t planned out anything yet, don’t worry. I’ve got you! No matter what your budget is, I’ve made up just the right list for you and the traveller(s) in your life! Here are 20 romantic and fun Valentine’s Day Gifts this year!

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Getaways & Staycations

I’m a little partial to Lagos because I live here, however, I’ve tried to include getaways you can make from every major city in the country. I have also included a budget range for all the items or activities on the list. These costs are estimates to include feeding, transportation and accommodation where available. Please feel free to modify based on your preferences.

1 – Have a Picnic on the Beach at La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana beach resort

Take your average beach outing up a notch by planning an exciting picnic for you and your lover or friends. I naturally recommend driving (or sailing) a little further away from the city to find a quiet beach where you can relax without the loudness that accompanies many spots in Lagos. La Campagne Tropicana is one of the beach resorts in Lagos that offers this luxury. Its beaches are clean and there are a number of activities you can engage in while you’re there.

Since it is quite a drive from Lagos mainland or Island, you may consider turning your getaway day into a weekend experience. I’ve written a post about La Campagne Tropicana with all the details needed to plan your trip. I’d recommend that you check it out. The difference between a great experience and a mediocre one might depend on it.

Total Budget for 2 | ₦20,000 for a day trip or ₦70,000 for an overnight stay

2- Fall Asleep to the Sound of the Ocean at the Jara Beach Resort

Jara Beach Resort beach front

Mark and I recently spent a 3-day weekend at Jara, a beach resort that just opened up in Lagos. Our time here was fantastic and I would easily recommend it for Valentine’s Day getaway. The resort has 6 ocean-facing rooms and all you hear in the quiet of the night is waves hitting the shore and the beating heart of the one you love. It is the perfect way to fall asleep.

Jara beach resort is all-inclusive and the fee you pay covers all meals, drinks and the use of the resort’s facilities. I’ve written a more in-depth overview of our experience in this post. Remember to use my referral code ‘MarkandAmarachi’ to get a freebie during your stay.

Total Budget for 2 | ₦60,000 for a day trip or ₦150,000 for an overnight stay

3 – Cosy Up in a Cabin at Lakowe Lakes

Valentine's Day Gifts

Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate is yet another option for a romantic getaway from the city. When I first visited, I immediately fell in love with the cabin accommodations. There are other options available to stay in but isn’t there just something romantic about cabins?

TWAP TIP: You can combine a day pass at Jara Beach Resort with an overnight stay at Lakowe Lakes to optimise costs for you.

Total Budget for 2 | ₦70,000 (excluding the use of the golf course and associated services)

4 – Camp in a Cabin Next to the Beach at Tarkwa Bay

Valentine's Day Gifts

So, you know how I was saying cabins are romantic? Well, imagine one next to the beach. What a win! You get the romantic cabin and all I said about crashing waves and beating hearts! And with the Jaybee Beach Camp, you get it at such a budget-friendly price.

I haven’t written about my experience yet but you can catch up with reviews on these blogs: TheAjalaBug, CassieDaves and AlexNnamaka

Total Budget for 2 | ₦40,000

5 – Explore a Neighbouring Country

Lagos to Cotonou Road Trip 2019 - Bab's Dock

Is this yet another cabin you see? Yes, that’s right! This time in Benin Republic.  It’s as I always say, ‘Benin is always a good idea!’ The adventurer(s) in your life will be grateful for this getaway.

Total Budget for 2 | From ₦100,000 but can be as low as ₦60,000 (see this post for details)

6 – Book a Hotel (or Airbnb) Staycation

Lilygate Hotel

Don’t feel like taking a long trip? No worries! Hotel staycations are your best bet. Choose a hotel or Airbnb in a nice neighborhood and explore sites around while you’re there. A few months ago, Lilygate Hotel hosted us at their establishment. The weekend was filled with lots of food and live music. You may want to consider a stay there.

Another place I recommend is Casa Nomads, a chic Airbnb situated in the Lekki area. This place is a walking distance from the Nike Art Gallery and very close to the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market. So you can turn your staycation into a Lagos art and culture immersion experience!

Total Budget for 2 | From ₦40,000

7 – Soar into Cloud 9 at the Obudu Mountain Resort

Mountain views at Obudu

Living in Port Harcourt or Enugu or Calabar and looking for options? Obudu Mountain Resort would make for the perfect getaway. During my visit, I took a day trip to the resort but spent the night in Obudu Town. You can do that if you’re conscious about costs. If you aren’t, there are cabins – yaay! – that you can stay in while you’re up there.

Total Budget for 2 | ₦160,000

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Experiences

8 – Plan Dinner at your Favourite Restaurant

Valentine's Day Gifts

I’m not sure if Valentine’s Day is a good time to try out a new restaurant but then again, at least one of you is adventurous, so why not? If you’ve got your sights set on a restaurant for the longest time, call them up and make a reservation! And if you’re more conservative, that’s okay too. Make a reservation at your favourite restaurant and enjoy a lovely evening with your partner.

Total Budget for 2 | ₦15,000

9 – Take a Cooking Class Together

Valentine's Day Gifts

Here’s an unconventional one in this part of the globe. Cooking classes aren’t a big thing but Lord knows that they should be! I know ‘there’s rice at home’, but you can turn a supposedly mundane task into a fun one for Valentine’s Day.

Unleash your inner chef by turning your own kitchen into a Master Chef Studio or signing up for an external cooking class. You can contact folks at Naija Nomads or to organize one for you.

Total Budget for 2 | From ₦20,000

10 – Jump on Promotional Tickets and Travel Deals

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Items & Travel Accessories

And now, here are some Valentine’s Day Gifts every traveller would love. You can actually shop for some of them right here via the Travel with a Pen Store. They cut across every budget, so I bet you’ll find something your partner or friends would love!

11 – Matching Passport Covers (Buy here)

12 – Travel Themed Jewelry

13 – Travel Accessories – Travel pillow, Eye masks, Packing cubes, etc (Buy Packing Cubes here)

14 – Adventure Picture Book

15 – Chocolate Samples from Around the World

16 – Coffee Samples from Around the World

17 – Scented Candles (Buy here)

18 – Noise-Cancelling Headphones (Buy here)

19 – Polaroid Camera (Buy here)

20 – Picnic Basket

Now you’re all set for Valentine’s Day! I told you I’ve got you! I’d love to read about your valentine or Galentine’s day plans if you’ve got any. Let me know in the comment section below! I’d also love to read any other gift suggestions you have. Please share them and let’s inspire each other!

Valentine's Day Gifts

I love to hear from you, Leave a comment here!


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  3. Jara Beach sure looks like an amazing destination. I enjoyed your review on it.
    As for Tarkwa Bay, I hope the Government will be more merciful to their residents.
    Good post as always!