Hey there! If you’re not a routine reader of this blog, then you have probably found this post while searching for information about visiting Nigeria. Perhaps you’re travelling for business purposes or considering it as an off-the-beaten-path destination?

This Nigeria Travel guide will help you navigate the intricacies of visiting and exploring this West African Country. To begin, here are some quick facts about Nigeria.

Nigeria Travel Guide – Quick Facts about Nigeria (Tourism)

Nigeria Travel Guide
Nigeria Travel Guide

Getting to Nigeria – Flight and Visa Requirements

All foreign nationals, except those from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), need to apply for a visa to visit Nigeria.

The Nigerian Immigration Service recently introduced a visa on arrival policy for selected individuals and countries. If you do not qualify for it, you may apply to get one from your nearest Nigerian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates.

In addition to a valid visa, you also need a yellow fever certificate to enter the country.

Nigeria Travel Guide Nigerian Passport Yellow Card

Which Countries Can Get Visa on Arrival in Nigeria (2021)?

According to the information on the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website, the visa on arrival is available to citizens of African countries and business travellers from all other countries, except  ECOWAS nationals.

Note that you need to apply online for this. I would write a separate post when I have more information. In the meantime, be sure to go through the immigration website for more information and read the Visa on Arrival FAQ here.

Nigeria Travel Guide – When is the Best Time to Visit Nigeria?

Top Destinations to Visit in Nigeria

Nigeria has two major seasons – rainy and dry season. The rainy season begins in April and runs through to October. And the dry season begins in November through March. It isn’t uncommon to have rains in the dry seasons (especially in November and December).

Generally, it is better to visit during the dry season. However, there are advantages to visiting during the rainy season as well. For one, the roads are less dusty and the waterfalls are more beautiful to behold.

December and January have the most advantages. In some places, these months ring in the harmattan season which comes with less humidity and cooler temperatures in the morning and evenings.

Nigeria Travel Guide – Top Places to Visit in Nigeria

Tourist Attractions in Nigeria: Nature – Waterfalls, Springs, Hills…

Arinta Waterfalls (Ekiti)Erin Ijesha Waterfalls (Osun)Kwa Falls (Cross River)Oowu Falls (Kwara)
Farin Ruwa Falls (Nasarawa)Agbokim Falls (Cross River)Wikki warm spring (Bauchi)Ikogosi warm spring (Ekiti)
Gurara Waterfalls (Niger)Assop Waterfalls (Plateau)Oguta Lake (Imo)Zuma Rock (Abuja)
Idanre Hills (Ondo)Millennium Park (Abuja)La Campagne Tropicana Beach ResortJara Beach Resort
Ngwo Pine Forest (Enugu)Obudu Mountain Resort (Cross River)Oke-Ado Mountain (Oyo)Oban Hills (Cross River)
Olumo Rock (Ogun)Aso Rock (Abuja)Awhum Caves – and waterfalls (Enugu)Ogbunike Caves (Anambra)
Usuma Dam (Abuja)Ibeano Beach (Akwa Ibom)Lagos Beaches: Eleko, Atican, Elegushi, etcWhispering Palms (Lagos)
Nigeria Travel Guide: Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Tourist Attractions in Nigeria: National Parks, Conservation Centers…

Lekki Conservation Centre (Lagos)Lufasi Park (Lagos)Yankari Game Reserve (Bauchi)Okomu NP (Edo)
Chad Basin NP (Borno, Yobe)Kamuku NP(Kaduna)Old Oyo NP (Oyo)Kainji Lake NP (Niger, Kwara)
Chad Basin NP (Borno, Yobe)Gashaka Gumti NP (Taraba, Adamawa)
Nigeria Travel Guide: Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Tourist Attractions in Nigeria: Museums, Art Galleries, Monuments and World Heritage Sites

Osun Osogbo Grove (Osun) – UNESCO World Heritage SiteNational War Museum, Umuahia (Abia)Nigeria National Museum (Lagos)Cocoa House (Oyo)
Odua Museum (Oyo)Kajuru Castle (Kaduna)Sukur Cultural Landscape (Adamawa) – UNESCO World Heritage SiteSurame Cultural landscape (Sokoto)
Alok Ikom Monoliths (Cross River)Nike Art Gallery (Lagos, Osun)Royal Palaces: Oba of Benin, Sultan of SokotoAncient Kano City Walls (Kano)
Sungbo’s Eredo (Ogun)Arts and Crafts Village (Abuja)Badagry: Museums, Slave trade route… (Lagos)Lord Luggard House (Kogi)
Abuja National Mosque (Abuja)National Church of Nigeria (Abuja)Giant footprint of Ukhuse-oke, (Edo)
Nigeria Travel Guide: Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Getting Around Within Nigeria

Nigeria Travel Guide
Abuja-Kaduna Train

Plane: Nigeria has a total of 6 International Airports and 11 Domestic Airports. About 7 domestic carriers operate within Nigeria. You should note that it is quite common to experience delays in flights schedules. One useful tip will be to always try to catch the first flights out of a city. Those are very rarely delayed. As of this writing, the most reliable airline is Arik Air.

Train: While there is a working rail system in Nigeria, travel by train is not reliable. Interstate and Intrastate (Lagos) trains are old and slow and oftentimes, overcrowded. The exceptions to this are the fairly new rail lines that operate between Abuja and Kaduna and Lagos to Ibadan.

Local Buses & Taxis: Local buses are often the cheapest way to move around. They are not often comfortable though. So, you may want to consider other options. Be sure to negotiate and agree on prices before you start a trip.

Uber, Bolt: These are currently the best ride-hailing apps for use within major cities in Nigeria.

Motorcycles: or Okadas, as they are popularly called, are the quickest means to navigate through major cities. I personally wouldn’t advise the regular use of this means of transportation as it can be rather dangerous. In some cities, they are banned from plying highways and major roads.

Is it safe to travel to Nigeria (2021)?

Suspended Bridge at the Grove
Nigeria Travel Guide: Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Many travel boards advise against visiting Nigeria. But how unsafe is it really? Without applying the bias of a local, I’d simply say that certain areas should be off-limits for now. If you exercise a reasonable level of caution while visiting some states in the country, you will be fine.

Generally, the South Western States are best suited for tourism. It is advisable to be in the company of a local when you travel through Nigeria.

Nigeria Travel Guide
Kajuru Castle


Before you visit, forget all about your ‘African Fantasies’ and set your expectations correctly.  As expected with low-income countries, there are infrastructure gaps and things may not always go according to plan. You cannot simply just vagabond through Nigeria. I will advise that you research your destinations before you visit.

Above all, remember to always keep your wits about you. There is something called ‘The African Time’. Expect delays and/or emphasize appointment times with people you interact with.

When you visit Nigeria, seek out experiences with people, rather than places. Nigerians (and West Africans in general) can be some of the most welcoming people you would ever meet.

I do hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below. Also, if you have visited before, I’d love to hear about your experiences travelling in Nigeria. Please share them with me!

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  3. Trains are now very reliable in Nigeria though

    • Hmm, I’d argue that they still aren’t. With the exception of the new train routes, it is common for trains to breakdown while en route and for them to be delayed. And with all the racketeering around obtaining tickets, there are still many areas to be improved upon.

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    • Yes! Hope you visit soon. PS: I updated the post to include the fact that you have to apply online first – to get an approval letter and pay the visa fees. The process is quite fast. So it’s more or less an e-visa.

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